Continuing the legacy of
Dan Snyder


The Dan Snyder Memorial Fund exists to assist young athletes in achieving their goals and dreams. In 2011 and 2012, 37 Rising Stars sponsored the following organizations and events:

1st Annual Dan Snyder Day in Woolwich

Sunday, April 15th, 2012 - a great day to remember Dan and celebrate Woolwich youth in sportWoolwich Minor Hockey Association, The Dan Snyder Foundation and the Township of Woolwich teamed up to bring the 1st annual Dan Snyder Day to Woolwich on April 15th. The events and activities planned throughout the day were hosted at the Woolwich Memorial Centre. Fun activities included the hardest shot competition, most accurate shooter competition, obstacle courses, free public skating, Elmira Sugar King Dressing Room tours, Fitness Centre open house, public swimming and many others.

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Woolwich Hockey Academy and the WMHA

In late August 2011, the Woolwich Hockey Academy offered two weeks of summer camp designed to get young players ready for the fall season. The Academy offered both on-ice and off-sessions each day, and 37 Rising Stars was pleased to sponsor the purchase of all training aides used on the ice and off. The participants used a wide variety of athletic aides including Medicine balls, rope ladders, resistance bands, parachutes, balance boards, attack triangles and sweet hands (a stick-handling aid).

These aides have been donated to the Woolwich Minor Hockey Association for all teams to use, and are available in a lock box which can be accessed upon request. They are currently being used in the WMHA/WHA Shooting/Goalie and Powerskating clinics. The Woolwich Hockey Academy plans to help the Minor hockey coaches incorporate these aides into their on and off-ice training.

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37 Rising Stars Sponsors the Midget Boys Softball Team

Did you know that Dan Snyder played softball in Elmira during his youth? When the Elmira Midget softball team qualified for the Eastern Canadians for the first time ever, the team needed financial aid to make the trip and they had a narrow time window to raise funds. When the team asked 37 Rising Stars for a donation, the choice was an easy one given Dan's history of playing ball in Woolwich. The Snyder's knew that Dan would be proud of the efforts of these young athletes. As a very special and welcome tribute, the team chose to name themselves the Elmira 37's for this event.

Although the team did not win the championship, the boys did an excellent job representing their community at the tournament. We're proud of you boys!